Stainless Steel Battery Box

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Need to make room for the installation of your upgraded avionics? Removing the ship’s battery from the cockpit would be the start…

Our STC/PMA battery box assembly takes the battery out of the cockpit on Bonanza models 35 thru G35. Stainless steel backing plate and the brackets with hardware are included. The new box assembly is mounted on the engine side of the firewall. The new stainless steel replacement battery box assembly for the later models 35,33,36 mounts in the same location vacated by the original battery box. The battery box lid can be locked for security.

Using Our Fuel Cap:

  • Complies with Beech Mandatory Service Bulletin #2045
  • Decreases Size of Fueling Port and the Possibility of introducing Jet A Fuel into the fueling port.
  • You should not be able to remove the key from the cap assembly unless you have properly seated, closed, and locked your fuel cap.

Model Series:

  • 35, A35 thru G35
  • H35 thru N35
  • P35 thru V35B
  • B95A, D95A
  • E95, 95 thru A55
  • B55, B55A, C55
  • C55A, D55
  • D55A, E55
  • E55A thru A56TC
  • 58, 95, B95
  • 60, A60, 76
  • 35-B33, C33
  • C33A, E33C
  • F33, F33A
  • F33C, G33
  • 36, A36, A36TC

STC/PMA Type Certificate A-777, 3A15

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Stainless Steel Battery Box

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