Security Locking Fuel Cap

Set of 2 – $493 + Shipping

Decrease the possibility of theft of your fuel or airplane. Secure your plane while on
transit lines.

Replaces the existing thermos style fuel cap in the early model aircraft. Using our locking fuel cap system decreases the possibility of not fully closing your fuel cap and losing fuel while airborne. The key can not be removed unless your fuel cap assembly is properly seated in the wing fuel port and locked. Includes wing fuel port reducer to comply with manufacturer’s Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 2045 regarding miss-fueling.

We have designed our STC/PMA lock fuel caps to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized persons opening the fuel ports to remove fuel or introduce foreign materials into the fueling ports.

Using Our Fuel Cap:

  • ​Complies with Beech Mandatory Service Bulletin #2045
  • Decreases Size of Fueling Port and the possibility of introducing Jet A Fuel into the fueling port.
  • You should not be able to remove the key from the cap assembly unless you have properly seated, closed, and locked your fuel cap.

Model Series:

  • 35, A35 thru G35
  • H35 thru N35
  • P35 thru V35B
  • B95A, D95A
  • E95, 95 thru A55
  • B55, B55A, C55
  • C55A, D55
  • D55A, E55
  • E55A thru A56TC
  • 58, 95, B95
  • 60, A60, 76
  • 35-B33, C33
  • C33A, E33C
  • F33, F33A
  • F33C, G33
  • 36, A36, A36TC

STC/PMA Aircraft Type Certificate No. A-777

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Security Locking Fuel Cap

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