Beechcraft STCs and PMA parts from a trusted Part 145 Repair Station and Authorized Garmin Avionics Dealer

CAS AeroSolutions, LLC (Aviation Research Systems Repair Station) is a dealer for most avionics manufacturers, including an Authorized Garmin Avionics Dealer. In addition to our product line, we have new and serviceable Beech parts as well as new and serviceable avionics and instruments.

Upgrades for your Beechcraft

Instrument Panel Modification

Is your panel original, old and worn? Looking to upgrade your engine, flight and navigation / communication equipment but no room in your panel? We have the solution…

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Serving the Bonanza community for over 45 years

Aircraft Seat

Fatigued after a short trip sitting on the fixed pilot, co-pilot bench seat?
Need more leg room? Would your co-pilot like a reclining seat?
Wanting to decrease aft weight, gain luggage space, recline 3rd and 4th seats?

Color Coded
Control Knobs

PMA Mixture, Throttle, and Prop control knobs in anodized aluminum.

Tow Bar

Eliminate the possibility of disengaging from the tow pins and falling backwards…


Looking to increase horse power at the same time decrease cylinder head and oil temperatures? Would you like to gain power across the entire manifold pressure

Stainless Steel Battery Box

Need to make room for the installation of your upgraded avionics? Removing the ship’s
battery from the cockpit would be the start…

Fiberglass Stinger
Tail Cone

Ready to upgrade from your original early style to a sleek stinger tail cone?

Security Locking
Fuel Cap

Decrease the possibility of theft of your fuel or airplane. Secure your plane while on
transit lines.

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