Complete Instrument Panel Upgrades

& Stainless Steel Battery Box Assemblies


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STC/PMA complete instrument panel assembly replaces original panel assembly in Beech models 35 thru N35, 33 thru A33 . Each panel is custom according to your specific requirements.

Assess What Equipment You Be Using

We work with you to address your existing requirements as well as helping you to plan for future article installations. Once we know what type of equipment you are planning to have installed we provide you with a panel layout drawing for your approval showing the location of the equipment.

Easy, Professional and All-Inclusive Component Guide

We provide all the necessary components for complete installation, up to and including:
  • Complete Hot Stamped AirFrame Wiring Harness Coded to Beech's Wiring Manual.
  • Pre-Wired AirFrame Circuit Breakers
  • Switches
  • Dimmer Control
  • Warning Lights
  • Flap and Gear Switches/Lights
  • Two Fuel Quantity Gauges
  • Oil Temperature Gauge and Probe
  • Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Ammeter Gauge
  • Mag/Start Switch
  • Defroster, Heater, Parking Brake, Air Shut-Off Cables
  • Throttle, Mixture, Prop Knobs
  • Sub-Panel Screened Overlays
Done351 Panel — Aircraft Engine Modifications in Sandy, OR
C35 Panel — Aircraft Engine Modifications in Sandy, OR
Aftera33 Panel — Aircraft Engine Modifications in Sandy, OR

Upgrade To A Stainless Steel Battery Box Assembly

Our STC/PMA battery box assembly takes the battery out of the cockpit on Bonanza models 35 thru G35. Stainless steel backing plate and the brackets with hardware are included. The new box assembly is mounted on the engine side of the fire wall. The new stainless steel replacement battery box assembly for the later models 35,33,36 mounts in the same location vacated by the original battery box. Battery box lid can be locked for security.

Battery Box Sold Separately from Panel Upgrade.

Our company is an FAA Repair Station with an Avionics and a Maintenance Department.

We can install your new panel assembly here at our facility or create the completed panel and ship to you or your maintenance facility for installation. Later Beech models panel modifications are completed here at our facility.